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How long can you hold a lottery ticket? This Tampa man almost won a full Powerball prize and has been awarded $1 Million back from October.

I wholeheartedly believe that your chances of winning the lottery go up substantially when you live here in Tampa. We don’t go a week without someone winning it big. This week’s big winner is a local Tampa Man who got $1 Million from a quick pick Powerball. 62-year-old Ronald Carlson has had the winning ticket since October too. He finally accepted his prize.

The drawing, which happened back in October, almost earned Carlson the grand prize. However, he was short the Powerball number, so now he gets to settle with just a cool Million. What is crazy is that he won less money than the odds stated to win the million. The odds for winning just the million were 1 in 11,688,053.52.

The winning Powerball ticket was from Publix, located at 12024 Anderson Road in Tampa. So if that’s your lucky store, let us know so we can go get some tickets. [Source WFLA]