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Tampa Region Has Four Of The Best Tiki Bars In Florida

With over 1,300 miles of coastline in Florida, there certainly is no shortage of space for a good beach bar. Trips To Discover recently did a deep dive into the best tiki bars in Florida, and four of them were in the greater Tampa region. Traditionally, an establishment needs to be decorated in a Polynesian theme to properly qualify as a tiki bar. They serve exotic cocktails and can display items like grasses, palms, and coconuts. Many drinks are mixed with rum or bitters. In addition, tropical fruits and island music also add to the vibe. The Tampa area's best tiki bars all offer these traditional drinks and specialties of their own. Let's take a stroll down the coast. Saigon Blonde - St. Petersburg "Inspired by the '60s era, Saigon Blonde is a popular tiki bar in St. Pete. You’ll find flickering tiki totems and colorful murals adorning its interior, while the eclectic menu features fun cocktails that reflect the flavors of the Pacific Rim," TripstoDiscover explains. Recommended drink: whatever they are serving on "Tiki Tuesday." For $6, it's bound to taste as good as all of their drinks look. Whiskey Joe’s Bar & Grill - Tampa This waterfront restaurant serves over 4o tiki-themed drinks. Whiskey Joe's menu is described as “Floribbean.” They have fire pits and a picturesque $12 pile of nachos. Furthermore, the beach tiki bar has its own dedicated menu. Recommended drink: Hurricane Juice - standard rum mixed with passion fruit rum, citrus juice, and grenadine and topped with a dark rum. Jack Willie's Bar, Grill & Tiki, - Oldsmar They even have tiki in their name, so you know they take the vibe seriously. Jack Willie's is a casual establishment that allows you to roam inside or outside on the deck. They have outdoor live music three days a week and an outdoor games area for some family fun, Recommended drink: You can't beat the standard Mai Tai at a tiki bar when it's done right. Tiki Docks Bar & Grill - St. Petersburg Located at Maximo Marina in Skyway, Tiki Docks also has a Riverview, Florida, location. They are open seven days per week. The restaurant is colorfully decorated. Everything from the murals to the bars to the cups is tiki-themed. A dock and a tiki just belong together. They also have a themed happy hour, appropriately titled "Tiki Time," which certainly embraces the theme of best tiki bars in the Tampa area. Recommended drink: Watermelon Margarita, a taste as happy as it sounds. [select-listicle listicle_id="569214" syndication_name="2-florida-locations-have-the-bluest-water-in-america" description="yes"]

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