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Florida: Our Most Popular Men’s Hairstyle Is Quite Unique

Shane Co., a lifestyle jewelry company, recently detailed the most popular hairstyle in each state. Among men in Flordia, the look is very specific. Shane Co.'s report explains that both newer hairstyles and old-fashioned hairstyles are all fair game. "Many of the popular hairstyles of generations past are making a swift comeback," they said. How often do you find yourself talking about local sports while sitting in your local barbershop chair? Last night's game, how great your hometown team is doing, or what you would have them do if you were the General Manager are all fun topics commonly discussed while getting a fresh cut. The same holds true for that concert you went to last night or the new restaurant down the street that's opening up. Regardless, this setting allows for a lot laughs and a friendly banter you look forward to. Using Google Trends, Shane Co. analyzed hairstyle search data for every state over the past 12 months. As a result, they found the most popular hairstyle for men in Florida is a very particular look. The Curly Undercut Here are the details behind a proper curly undercut. The sides and back of your hair are typically short or shaved down. As you move to the top of your head, your hair blends with a longer curlier flow. Then, how you style it is up to you. A common option here is a messy, just got-out-of-bed curly hair top. So, the curly undercut is a nice mix of neat and spontaneous. You can see what it looks like here. North Carolina was the only other state in the country with the same popular hairstyle as Florida. Overall, the undercut was the most commonly searched men's haircut in the country according to Shane Co. They report six states had the undercut as the most searched style. [select-listicle listicle_id="633137" syndication_name="two-florida-restaurants-named-among-the-best-for-french-fries" description="yes"]

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