Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Selling $60 Million Home

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez seem to be heading towards divorce. As we [inlink id="lopez-speaks-out-against-negativity" text="recently reported"], Lopez, 54, canceled her summer tour to "be with her children, family, and close friends." Fans subscribed to her newsletter “On The Jlo” were sent a note about the reported success of her latest Netflix film Atlas. The letter is also visible on her website, which also features an interactive page all about the sci-fi film. To be fair, Ben and Jen have been photographed together several times looking seemingly cordial over the past few weeks. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Selling Their Marital Home According to ET, Ben and J.Lo are “quietly” trying to sell their $60.8 million marital mansion, which they bought just over a year ago. After two years of searching, they purchased the Beverly Hills property in May 2023 and moved in soon after closing the deal. The 46,000 square-foot home has five acres of land, with an astounding 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, an indoor sports complex, a sports lounge, and a bar. Even though the home includes a 5,000-square-foot guest house, Affleck has moved into a house in Brentwood, California. The Beverly Hills mansion also features a two-bedroom guard house and a 12-car garage. https://twitter.com/DailyLoud/status/1664125835601641472 ET also reported that both Ben and J-Lo have been house hunting. The former couple have yet to publicly address the divorce rumors, but as we [inlink id="jlo-simu-liu-shut-down-affleck-divorce" text="reported"], Lopez shut down a reporter asking her questions about the divorce while doing the Atlas press tour in Mexico. The reporter asked last month, “Your divorce [with] Ben Affleck is real?” "Bennifer" wed two years ago after 20 years apart. Her co-star, Simu Liu, came to her defense and bluntly told the reporter, “Okay, we’re not doing that.” Redirecting the questions to not be on that subject, the Barbie star added, “Thank you so much. We really appreciate it … come on, don’t come in here with that energy. Please.” Lopez was even more hostile, telling the reporter simply, “You know better than that.” https://twitter.com/GlamourMex/status/1793443562870145077 Lopez currently stars in Atlas, which is now streaming on Netflix. Her upcoming projects include The Godmother, in which she will produce and star as Griselda Blanco, [inlink id="jennifer-lopez-bob-the-builder" text="Bob the Builder"], the animated film as the producer, and the musical drama Kiss of the Spider-Woman, an adaptation of the stage musical based on the novel about a gay man and a political prisoner sharing a 1980s Argentinean prison cell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jokpt_LJpbw

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