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Arguably one of the coolest pools in all of Tampa or people could turn it into something bad. Tampa man's swimming pool sparks huge debate!

It’s not easy to get the internet riled up these days. Just posting about your favorite quarterback of all time gets people a little heated. So does this Tampa man deserve any grief for having a vision? Louis Minardi had a pool built with a very radical design.  It was over 40 years ago when he did it, now this guy’s pool is sparking huge debates on the internet.

We can all look back on what we did in our younger years and realize it may not have been worthy of a highlight reel. Minardi though is not upset with his decision to build his pool in the shape of a six-shooter. That’s right, complete with a jacuzzi is in the hammer. Talk about packin’ heat.  Minardi had a friend who was a contractor and apparently was bored with the traditional pools he built. He managed to convince Manardi  to build the pool in the shape of a gun.

The internet has given both pros and cons to his pool. Some say it’s a pool of mass relaxation others say in the wrong hands this pool could be used for mass comfort. In all reality, most people claim he was compensating for something while others just sat back and enjoyed the view. Now you may think a gun-shaped pool is dangerous but according to Minardi, that’s not true at all as many family and friends have taught their kids to swim in it.

Now you may think  “how on earth would you swim in this thing?” Well it’s quite easily explained. “You swim your lap down the barrel,” Louis Minardi said Jones told him. “It gets deeper on that end. You can flip over from it, and then you can swim back.” You become a little bullet at that point. [Source Creative Loafing]

The 5 Most Dangerous Cities In Florida

We know how ominous “The most dangerous cities in Florida” sounds, but we think it’s important to know. The good news is out of a list of 100 dangerous cities in the U.S., only 5 in Florida made the list. Of those 5 cities, none of them cracked the top 50 in this updated study. A lot of people probably assume big metros like Miami, Tampa and Orlando made the list, but nope!

We got this information from Neighborhood Scout. Their analysis includes crimes reported by all agencies. They studied cities with 25,000 or more people, based on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Data used for this research are:

  1. The number of violent crimes reported to the FBI to have occurred in each city.
  2. Projections of violent crime rates based on prior years’ data.
  3. The population of each city.

Florida is known for some of the country’s most bizarre crimes. And while all of them may be dangerous, they may not qualify as “violent.” Driving a golf cart naked down I75, assault with food, and similar “Florida Man” crimes don’t fall into the FBI category.

If you want to see how other cities rank, click here for the full study.

Here are the most dangerous cities in Florida

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