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Fans who attended Roger Daltrey’s special performance were left stunned when all of a sudden Roger Daltrey suddenly walked off the stage. Roger Daltrey is having throat problems he explained before he walked off the stage. “I’m going to do myself some serious damage here and I’m not going to do it because I’ll never sing again! I’m sorry! You’ll have to ask for refunds. I’ll try and make it up to you. I’m really, really sorry. I am not a robot! I am definitely not a robot! I’m not doing this to myself anymore. Thank you so much for coming.”

Roger was in the middle of “Naked Eye” when he just came to a sudden stop. He said his peace and then the singer left the stage at Ruth Eckerd Hall Saturday in Florida after an hour of struggling to sing. The show had only been an hour before he ended it. Throughout the show, the singer did make it clear he was having a hard time singing. Roger did try to salvage the show by passing the lead over to his guitarist Simon Townshend, who did his best of The Who’s Goin’ Mobile. Fans are now wondering if he will make it ot the concert on Feb 20th. [Source ABC Action News]