Jeff Zito

Tampa Bay’s Steamy ‘Missed Connections’ Are Gold

Craigslist is one of those jack of all trades kind of website. You’ll find used jail toilets for sale, job opportunities, and lovers looking to rekindle a long-lost friendship. Craigslist is truly one of the best websites of all time. Today, we’re here to help reconnect some of these missed connections in Tampa Bay. Lost track of my female friend (Historic DT St. Petersburg) Jeffrey lost track of his female friend and is looking to reunite. Jeffrey writes, “Miss my female friend. We used to spend a lot of time in your van talking and spending time together when we used to go shopping and parked in garages in downtown St. Petersburg … I still miss those experiences.”  Spending time in the van is an easy one to decipher. No need for a rocket scientist to explain this one, but if anyone knows of such a van owner, let’s forward them over to Jeffrey. Typically you wouldn't want to advertise sitting in your van in a parking garage, but we'll let it slide here. Toys at your house (Largo) Next up, we have a no-name listing “Toys at your house (Largo)”. We’re not sure if this is a man or woman writing this, so beware. The two met at a local adult store and theater and the posting says, “Said if I came to your house that you had many toys and games we could play.”  We’re definitely not talking about a good old-fashioned round of darts or Chinese Checkers. If you’re on the hunt for your long-lost adult film connoisseur, you can rekindle that flame by responding to the posting. We wish you luck on your journey. Do missed connections work? Look, we're no expert, but whether you're looking for love or just a possible friend, Craigslist might not always be the route. There are many missed connections where the posters are just looking for a friend as they're old and lonely, but a coffee shop or a bar might be a better option. But, if you're just looking for your parking garage hookup from back in the day, missed connections in Tampa might just be the best route.

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