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Florida Woman Claims Breastfeeding Her Husband Helped Her Marriage

Marriage is a journey, and according to Rachel and Alexander Bailey, breastfeeding has been a helpful addition to their relationship. Before an interview with Metro, Rachel said she sees "nothing" wrong with breastfeeding her husband. "I actually love the bond, it helps me out, and it finishes off the job." The new way of bonding started in 2017 when the two went on a cruise, and her breasts became large after she forgot her breast pump. and Alexander stepped in to give her relief. As a matter of fact, Alexander says Rachel breastfeeding him is now a "necessity." The couple encourages other married couples to also give it a try. The couple was on an episode of My Strange Addiction. Does She Pump It In A Cup? No she does not, the mother of three says her husband just latches on. On top of this, making the couple closer Rachel says it's good for Alexander's health.  They originally started doing it because she was producing too much breast milk when nursing their children. The feeding started when the couple was on a cruise and Rachel left her pump at home. Rachel says she was badly engorged for two days, and that's when Alexander stepped in. She was scared about getting an infection so Alexander decided to drink the milk himself. At first they were nervous about the idea of him breastfeeding, but then they realized it was perfectly fine. Rachel says it was an instant relief when Alexander latched on. How Often Does She Breast Feed Her Husband? She said it started off four times a day, but now it's once every two weeks. I asked was this a fetish and they say absolutely not! It's a bonding experience. I also notice that Alexanders skin is nice and clear and he does have great teeth!

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