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Here’s something to think about before you get on that ride at the fair. The Enterprise Ride at the Florida State Fair, which is like a Ferris Wheel with enclosed swings that rock back and forth as the ride moves. At the peak, the car is briefly upside down. There are no seatbelts on the ride.  Centrifugal force keeps guests pinned to their seats. That is, when the ride is in motion.

Last weekend the ride got stuck in its full upright vertical position, leaving some riders hanging upside down. reached out to the Florida State Fair to ask about what happened with the ride. You can view the full statement below:

“Late Friday afternoon, the Enterprise was operating, and the safety mechanisms were activated, which caused the ride to shut down as designed. We swiftly began exiting guests from the ride, in the most safe and timely manner.  All safety and emergency protocols were followed. A thorough inspection will be conducted into what triggered the safety mechanisms. Out of an abundance of caution, the ride remained closed for the remainder of the Fair.” – FRANK ZAITSHIK, OWNER OF WADE SHOWS & MIDWAY MANAGER OF THE FLORIDA STATE FAIR

“Thanking God my friend and I made it home safely tonight. Florida state fair was an absolute nightmare. It’s hard to explain the feeling of fear that took over us today. The ride pictured malfunctioned on us, leaving us stuck in midair upside down, no seat belts with gaps big enough to lose grip and fall. We were hanging on for dear life to the bars as they got us down, without knowing what was to come. I truly can’t describe how it felt to see your life flash before your eyes. God was definitely with us. I’m definitely holding my baby closer tonight.”

In addition, another posted bruises from the experience. The Enterprise Ride is operated by Wade Shows. However, the Lee County Fair uses Reithoffer, so you won’t be seeing this ride at the fair in Fort Myers. [Source WFLA]

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