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The Wet Bandits have nothing on the Pooping Perpertrator who defecated on the floor at Joes Crab Shack in Florida.

I guess we have made it to the generation that people have not seen “Home Alone” and learned from the Wet Bandits about leaving calling cards. Currently the police are looking for the Pooping Perpetrator who broke into Joe’s Crab Shack in Fort Myers.  Around 2:30 AM January 21st video caught the unidentified man broke into Joes Crabshack through a small window he broke. He proceeded to steal multiple items including alcohol. But before he left, he decided to take a huge dump on the floor.

The Pooping Perpertrator took a wierd laundry list of items too. Apart from the alcohol he stole a Joe’s Crab Shack hat that and that was before he started stealing other items. Fort Myers Police Department have released photos and the video on their Facebook in hopes to actually find the man. Speculation has arrised it may be a disgruntled former employee but thhis has not been verified by the the Police.

The question is do we give him the Florida Man title or let him keep his new moniker. More importantly if he gets charged with anything can it be to clean the floors of Joes Crab Shack.

Anyone that may know the Pooping Perpetrator who pooped at Joes Crabshack is asked to call Fort Myers Police or Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at 800-780-8477. [Source NY Post]

Do You Know This Pooping Perpetrator?

Florida Is Home to the 10th Biggest Eyesore in the U.S.

Is this piece of Florida architecture really that ugly? It has been the butt of many genitalia jokes over the years. And it came in at #10 on a recent Buildworld study of the biggest eyesores in America. They looked at posts on social media about some of the world’s biggest architectural disasters and used negative comments made to isolate the 10 worst designs.

If you want to see the Florida landmark that made the list, you’ll have to head north to Tallahassee. The Florida State Capitol is called out for being bland and gets criticized for its size dwarfing the “petite, classical old capitol in its shadow.” So which buildings were even MORE of an eyesore? From government buildings and airports, to arenas and even a Las Vegas hotel, here’s their top 10 list of the biggest eyesores in the United States.

  • #10: Florida State Capitol

    Let’s admit. It is pretty hideous. But there’s worse! And we came in at #10 on the list.

  • #9: The Alamodome

    Something we probably won’t want to remember.

  • #8: The Thompson Center in Chicago

    They’re already looking to redo it.

  • #7: US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

    Call me crazy. I think it’s creative and wild.

  • #6: Trump Tower in Las Vegas

    Your political leanings will probably be the deciding factor on this one.

  • #5: Denver International Airport

    A bit too sci-fi for me.

  • #4: Watergate Complex

    Looks its age.

  • #3: Verizon Building in New York City

    Even Tom Hanks called it out for being scary! It looks like Dr. Evil’s home.

  • #2: Boston City Hall

    Boston’s already on the case with this one. It’s getting a makeover.

  • #1: The J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington DC

    Doesn’t get much more ominous looking than this.