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The Eagles have toured since 2019 and now they are coming to Tampa. The Eagles will return to Tampa in March!

Responsible for the #3 most-sold album of all time, the legendary band “The Eagles” are making their way back to Florida. Not only are the Eagles returning to Florida, but the Eagles will also return to Tampa in March. They have a show set for March 28 at Amalie Arena.

Ticket prices have yet to be released, but you can guess it’s not gonna be cheap. They plan to perform all the hits from “Hotel California.” After, they will take a break and bring back some of their most legendary hits. The tour began in 2019 and has played 77 different shows; all 77 were sold out. The 2023 tour will take them to California, Oregon, Arizona, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina before it ends in New Jersey in April.

Don Henley is the only original member of the band. Joe Walsh is the only other member who played on the “Hotel California” album. Some have asked about Deacon Frey, the son of the late Eagles singer Glenn Frey. Unfortunately, even though he has played with the band, he is not part of this tour. Don’t miss the Eagles as they return to Tampa in March!

Rock Has Dominated Concert Revenues for 40 Years. Here's Proof.

Some of rock’s biggest artists are featured in a new chart from tour industry tracker Pollstar, which has released a new ranking of the top touring artists since 1980.

The two biggest touring acts since 1980 are the Rolling Stones and U2 coming in at numbers one and two, respectively. Both bands have the distinction of being the only two acts on the list that cleared the $2 billion gross mark.

A number of major rock acts are scattered throughout the top 2o of the massive 150 artist ranking. Among them are Bon Jovi, the Eagles, Metallica, Paul McCartney and more.

Scroll below and see which acts made the top 20 of Pollstar’s Top Touring Artists list along with their total touring grosses.

  • 20. André Rieu

    Total gross: $783,135,491

  • 19. Rod Stewart

    Total gross: $796,050,406

  • 18. Roger Waters

    Total gross: $841,218,937

  • 17. Taylor Swift

    Total gross: $924,991,375

  • 16. Ed Sheeran

    Total gross: $968,919,574

  • 15. Beyoncé

    Total gross: $1,012,704,645

  • 14. Coldplay

    Total gross: $1,038,862,173

  • 13. Dave Matthews Band

    Total gross: $1,085,558,730

  • 12. Kenny Chesney

    Total gross: $1,110,826,825

  • 11. Billy Joel

    Total gross: $1,187,103,345

  • 10. Paul McCartney

    Total gross: $1,193,812,645

  • 9. Metallica

    Total gross: $1,219,599,179

  • 8. Eagles

    Total gross: $1,314,544,780

  • 7. Bon Jovi

    Total gross: $1,329,891,400

  • 6. Celine Dion

    Total gross: $1,354,352,578

  • 5. Madonna

    Total gross: $1,389,746,222

  • 4. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

    Total gross: $1,527,407,373

  • 3. Elton John

    Total gross: $1,748,183,036

  • 2. U2

    Total gross: $2,127,771,684

  • 1. The Rolling Stones

    Total gross: $2,165,280,638