He was seen crawling on the ceiling.

So you say you found a hair in your food? Was your fork not quite clean? Cry me a river, dude. Diners at a Cheesecake Factory in Miami experienced a whole new level of cringe last week when a rat scampered across the ceiling as they chomped and laughed.
It was all captured on video by an observant customer who recorded about a minute fo the rodent as it crawled along an air conditioning vent high above the room full of patrons. While the rat’s presence was definitely not welcome, it took employees only about 90 seconds to capture the critter in a trash can and remove it from the restaurant. I guess the rodent was hungry, because it showed up again a few hours later for the dinner rush. But this time, the invader decided to hang out from another vent. The appearances led to an inspection by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation the next day. although 13 violations were found, they discovered no evidence of rodents, however.
A Cheesecake factory spokesperson said the restaurant recieves monthly pest control service and immediately performed an in-depth search and inspection of the facility, revealing no evidence of any type of infestation. He also added that the health department performed an inspection of the restaurant and gave it a “clean bill of health”. The inspector added that no evidence of past infestation was present. Although videos like the one seen here are disturbing, rodents and pests are an unfortunate aspect of life wherever there is fresh food or food preparation. Source: Fox13News.com

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