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Problems are becoming quite normal.

Remember back when flight delays and cancellations were rare? If you do, you’re probably eligible to live in one of those 55+ communities long about now. Issues at airports across America are seemingly happening every single day.
The latest issue came yesterday, when an American Airlines flight from Virginia into Tampa International Airport was diverted after a reported technical problem. That problem was later identified as engine-related. The Federal Aviation Administration made the announcement yesterday at about 4:50 pm. The flight, American Airlines 2823, safely landed at Jacksonville International Airport shortly afterward. During an interview with the flight crew after landing, investigators learned that there was a problem with one of the 737’s engines in mid-flight. The FAA is still conducting their investigation of the event and will annunce their findings when they have concluded.
I don’t have to remind you how terrible air travel has gotten over the last few years. With increasingly common delays and cancellations, smaller seats and fewer creature comforts, the entire experience has become something we’d rather avoid. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. With rental car companies raising rates and then being unable to produce a rental when you show up to get it, they are definitely not a sure thing. Reservations mean nothing these days. If you’ve been burned by the policies of car rental agencies lately, you’re not alone. Source:

WTF, Rock and Roll Style

8 Music Videos with Strange Plots That Make No Sense

Music videos are a very unique art form, but let’s face it: Not all music videos were created equal. In fact, some of them just leave us asking, “What did I just watch?!”

Here are just eight music videos with strange plots that make no sense. Enjoy or feel free to scratch your head along with us.

  • Journey - 'Separate Ways'

    A mysterious woman is walking around a shipping dock. Add in awkward air instrumentation, some super-earnest singing while staring directly into the camera and an “it was all a dream” ending, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for ’80s gold!

  • Pat Benatar - 'Love Is A Battlefield'

    Great song, terrible video. Pat Benatar’s character runs away from home to the big city to become a type of hooker that only slow dances with dudes. There’s then a shimmy confrontation with her pimp, which she wins, and Pat and all her friends live to dance another day.

  • U2 - 'Numb'

    The pitch:  Let’s do terribly annoying things to The Edge, and he doesn’t react at all, because he’s numb. Get it? Side note: The part with the feet is just gross…unless you’re into that sort of thing. (No judgment if you are. You do you!)

  • Bon Jovi - 'Always'

    Okay, this one is a bit weird, but here’s the simplest breakdown: An artsy couple is being artsy. Then the artsy guy hooks up with the artsy girl’s roommate. Artsy girl finds out and runs to the loft of another artsy guy. They hook up. Artsy girl then calls the first artsy guy and he shows up at the second artsy guy’s loft. There’s a fight about a sexy painting…AND THEN THERE’S A BOMB?!

  • Billy Squire - 'Rock Me Tonight'

    The plot? Billy Squire dances around his tastefully decorated home wanting to be rocked tonight. It’s also step one of a one-step plan on how to kill your rock and roll career.

  • Huey Lewis and the News - 'Hip to be Square'

    Not sure if there’s a plot to this one, to be honest, but if there is one, it’s, “Here’s what Huey Lewis’s tonsils look like!”

  • Nelson - 'After The Rain'

    A kid with a terrible home life gets whisked away into a Nelson poster. He then meets a Native American who gives him a feather and directs him toward a trail only to see his favorite band Nelson rocking out on a rocky hillside. But then he wakes up, and it was all a dream…OR WAS IT?!

  • Damn Yankees - 'High Enough'

    This is certainly difficult to forget this one: A couple on the run, a police standoff and then there’s Ted Nugent inexplicably chomping on gum the entire video AND his involvement in the video’s “twist ending.”

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