Police responded to find the woman still naked.

Things got a little freaky in Palm Beach over the weekend. It all started with a call to 911 at about 9:15 am on Sunday. The caller reported a woman who was seen climbing trees…while naked.
Investigators with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office say the naked woman was the tip of the iceberg as details of the case emerged. Witnesses say the woman in question was not only seen climbing trees, but was also observed running through the streets of their neighborhood. That suspect was later identified as 34-year-old Sheree Williams. She was quickly located and arrested. But the story was about to take a very dark turn.
After interrogating Williams, police were led by the suspect to an address where they found a second woman. But things were a bit different this time. The woman was dead and appeared to have been strangled to death with a cord. Investigators believe Williams was involved in the death of the second woman. Williams was taken to a local hospital for treatment and evalutation. Later that day, she was arrested and chrged with first degree murder. During their questioning of the suspect, investigators say Williams told them that “people were trying to kill her and that demons were in the sky.” The case remains under investigation and Williams remains in jail. Source: WESH.com

Best Places To Buy A House

4 Florida Cities That You Should Invest Real Estate In

Do you like money? A lot of people have been using real estate as a source of secondary income. While investing your money can be risky, the reward could also be extremely beneficial if done correctly. We’ve told you that Florida is one of the most affordable states for a vacation home. Now, what if you turned that vacation home to a second source of income? Investing in real estate can help you do just that. But where should you get an investment property? Location is one of the most important factors. Luckily for you, this list has the best 4 Florida cities that you should invest real estate in.

Norada Real Estate Investments tells us the best 21 cities to invest in real estate. There are so many cities around the country to choose from, but Florida, North Carolina, and Texas had the most locations. Florida came in hot with 4 cities to choose from, and North Carolina and Texas had 3 cities each. For each city on their list they examine the population, job market, affordable housing options, and real estate market trends.

For some of the Florida cities listed, it might be worth looking into the towns outside of that city. There, you may find better options and cheaper prices for homes and condos.

[Source: Norada Real Estate Investments]

Here are 4 Florida cities that you should invest real estate in:

  • Orlando

    Being home to some of the best theme parks in the world means Orlando is a hot spot for real estate. Families would love to own a vacation home by the city where they visit every year. Norada Real Estate Investments tells us that Orlando’s has one of the fastest-growing job markets with high-tech industries leading the way. If you were to buy a rental property near Orlando, we’re sure that you won’t have a problem finding a tenant or visitors to stay.

    The median listing home price in Orlando FL was $362K in January 2023

    4 Florida Cities That You Should Invest Real Estate In

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  • Tampa

    Tampa is right behind Orlando as a top tourist destination in Florida. With so many things to offer, it’s no reason why Champa Bay is thriving for real estate investors. Tampa might be one of those cities we mentioned earlier where you may have to look at towns outside the metro. For example, Seminole Heights is a growing neighborhood in Tampa that is set to be a hot real estate destination.

    Norada Real Estate Investments tells us that the median listing home price in Tampa FL was $395K in January 2023.

    4 Florida Cities That You Should Invest Real Estate In

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  • Lakeland

    Right in the middle of Tampa and Orlando is Lakeland, a great city that offers tons of real estate investment opportunities. Lakeland was also one of the top cities people were moving to in 2022.

    Norada Real Estate Investments tells us that the median listing home price in Lakeland was $315K in January 2023.

  • Ocala

    Ocala is a growing city in Florida with a historic downtown area. Nature lovers will appreciate this are with being so close to many of Florida’s beautiful natural springs. The great news is that Ocala was a buyer’s market in January 2023. Meaning there was a greater supply of homes than the demand.

    Norada Real Estate Investments tells us that the median listing home price in Ocala was $299.9K in January 2023.

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