He tried to pay with a fraudulent card.

The whole point of jail is to punish (and hopefully rehabilitate) offenders. It’s supposed to be a “time out” of sorts for people who may have taken a wrong turn in life somewhere along the way. But sometimes the lesson doesn’t take hold. Sometimes the offender reverts to his old ways shortly after leaving the pokey.
That’s what investigators in Pasco County say happened at the Pinellas County Jail over the weekend. A 33-year-old man stands accused of using stolen credit cards to bond out of his incarceration. Police in Largo say Holiday resident Richard Rodriquez tried to pay off his $1,700 bail bond with a credit card that didn’t belong to him. When officers searched Rodriguez, they found several additional credit cards that didn’t belong to him. Turns out, ya can’t do that.
When questioned, investigators say Rodriguez opted to remain silent. The suspect was charged with credit card fraud and his bail was set (again) at $5,000. During the ensuing questioning, investigators noted that the man may have been under the influence of alcohol during the incident. The good news? No one will find a random $1,700 bail charge on their credit card next month. Source: WFLA.com

Even More Places To Party And Eat!

7 Things Coming To Water Street In Tampa This Year

Water Street is really taking off to be Tampa’s best dining and business district. Being across from Sparkman Wharf and walking distance to Amalie Arena, it’s the perfect location for booming businesses. Just in the past couple of months they’ve added new dining hotspots like French eatery Boulon Brasserie. This is becoming the spot in Tampa for any special occasion. Don’t be surprised with how elevated and delicious the food is. Their head chef, Hab Hamde comes from a long tenure at Bern’s Steak House.

On top of new foodie spots, Water Street is going to be a popular spot for something else. We think this is going to be a new spot for locals and tourists to get some photo ops. One of the coolest things about the new Tampa district is the public art installations that you can wander around. From murals to lighted arches, there is some super unique artwork to check out. We love the “neon” peace and love and the whale and parrot mural! Click here for the full guide of the public art.

In addition to shopping and eating, Water Street also hosts multiple events throughout the year. Each month they have a market that features local food and wellness-focused vendors. You can also catch some live entertainment and check out public art. Over the holidays they host a holiday market, which is a perfect spot to buy gifts for your family from local businesses!

Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, need some pampering, or want to start a fitness journey, there’s lots to see on Water Street.

Here are 7 new things coming to Water Street in Tampa this year

  • 3 Corners

    3 Corners Pizza, led by local restaurateur Noel Cruz, also known for his acclaimed restaurants Ichicoro Ramen. 3 Corners is a New York-style pizzeria serving up large 18″ pizzas and pizza by the slice! This will be a perfect spot to hangout before Lightning games or concerts at Amalie Arena.

  • Ash

    Ash will offer Italian-inspired cuisine and features an extensive outdoor patio. We can already see the Insta-moments on their pink bar. Ash is expected to open in spring 2023 on the ground floor of Asher, the district’s newest residential development.

    1050 Water St, Tampa.


  • Sip & Dry

    Sip & Dry, a locally owned blow dry bar, can conveniently complete hair or makeup services in under an hour. The salon includes 12 hair styling chairs, six makeup chairs, Instagrammable design elements and a champagne and wine bar. In addition to hair and makeup services, Sip & Dry also offers scalp massages and scrubs, conditioning treatments, eyebrow tinting and waxing services. 

    1045 E Cumberland Ave, Tampa

  • Predalina

    Predalina is a seafood driven Mediterranean restaurant will be located on the ground floor of Cora, on the corner of Water Street and Cumberland Avenue. Predalina will also offer in house retail, with custom hand crafted tabletop wares, unique home décor and special gifts. Opening summer 2023.

    1011 E Cumberland Avenue, Tampa

  • The Pearl

    The Pearl is a well-polished culinary jewel that features seasonal seafood, unique shareables, handcrafted cocktails and more. Opening March 7th, you’ll soon be able to enjoy lunch, dinner and weekend brunch here.

  • MiniLuxe

    MiniLuxe is a socially-responsible lifestyle brand and talent empowerment platform for the nail and waxing industry. 

    615 Channelside Drive, Tampa.

  • Toastique

    Toastique is a boutique gourmet toast and juice bar offering a fresh, chic, rustic experience that perfectly transitions from early on-the-go breakfast to corporate lunch to post sweat session fuel up. Expect Toastique to open up in summer of 2023.

    1011 E Cumberland Ave, Tampa.

Happy Birthday, Jon Bon Jovi!

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