The trapper knows how it got there.

During my relatively short time here, I’ve learned a thing or two about living in Florida. I’ve learned to never walk next to any body of water, including my bathtub, under any circumstances. I’ve learned that a grouper sandwich varies greatly in quality and price, depending on where you get it. I’ve also learned that Howard Avenue is a seriously great place to get food. My girlfriend and I have been going to the restuarants on SoHo for years. If you’ve not been along that culinary stretch of perfection, you need to go now! But now it seems that even alligators like Howard Avenue these days. An alligator trapper located and removed an alligator from the area this morning. It measured an astounding 9-feet and 4-inches long. That’s a biggun’!
The huge beast was found on Howard Avenue at Kathleen Street, just a bit north of Columbus Avenue. The trapper, Captain Phil Walters, theorized that the gator came from the Hillsborough River, saying there’s a small creek that connects it to Howard. He says lots of animals get around via that particular creek. Sightings this time of year are anything but rare. In just the last few weeks, we’ve seen videos of alligators tearing through fences and heard stories of retirees falling into the water and falling victim to the ferocious reptiles. The next few months will be peak season for alligator breeding, so it’s best to exercise caution no matter where you are. Keep in mind that alligators can crawl into pools, slip under cars, hang out on your porch and present a threat to pets and humans. You should never go swimming in ponds or lakes in the evening hours up to sunrise, especially with your pets. The trapper responsible for removing the gator from Howard avenue says he’s already captured 10 alligators in the last week.
Walters says it’s important to be aware of everywhere you step and put your hands this time of year, and he’s serious. He even warned homeowners with doggie doors to watch where they step in the morning when they get out of bed. Eek! If you see an alligator in an unusual place or think a gator is a nuisance, you should report it to Florida Fish and Wildlife. An alligator must be at least 4-feet-long and be determined to be a nuisance before it can be trapped and removed. If the gator is under 4-feet-long, it can be trapped and relocated. If it is over 4-feet-long, it can killed or sold to an alligator farm or zoo. Remember, it is illegal and dangerous to feed an alligator. It can make them associate humans with food, which is not good. Source:

Vittles For The Puppy Dawg!

The 7 Best Dog Friendly Restaurants In The Tampa Bay Area

It’s always on dog-parent’s mind whenever they go out. Can I bring my dog? With so many outdoor restaurants in the Tampa Bay area, a lot of places are accommodating to our four-legged babies. Some even have canine-friendly food on their menu. Whether you want to be near downtown Tampa or by the beach in St. Pete, we have the list of places to bring along your best friend.

We also have a list of the best dog bars in the Tampa Bay area. A lot of those places don’t serve food but occasionally have food trucks. Also, dog bars may also require you register your dog to make sure they are healthy and non-aggressive. The best part about taking your pup to a dog-friendly restaurant is that you don’t have to worry about that.

We went to Yelp to see what their recommendations are for the best dog friendly restaurants in Tampa Bay. They had a list of 10 places but we condensed it to our favorite 7 spots (and added a few of our own favorite places.) Another great hack is to download the BringFido app. This app will tell you any dog-friendly restaurant or hotel in your current area.

Here are our favorite 7 dog friendly restaurants in the Tampa Bay area

Stay Thirsty, My Friends!

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