All in all, it’s not a bad scenario. You pick up two women at the Hard Rock, take them back to the house and things only get better from there. Except when they steal your stuff.
Deputies in Broward County say a Florida man’s stellar evening turned into a craptastic c-block. Investigators say a man from Pompano Beach spent an evening entertaining two women who he had met in the casino. Once the festivites ended, the man noticed that some of his valuables had left with the women. Luckily, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department had video surveillance of the threesome. Here’s the video, full of cleavage and tiger print. At one point, both women can be seen rummaging through the victim’s room before they left. One of the suspects in the video appears to experience a wardrobe malfunction as she ran across the parking lot of the Hardrock Casino. For the record, the tiems they took were not insignificant. They stole a gun, sneakers and some watches.
The theft teaches us all a very important lesson. If the situation seems to good to be true, you are about to get punked by two sketchy women in high heels and hair extensions. Be careful out there! Source:

Mmmm, Beer.

St. Pete Makes The List For Cheapest Beer In U.S.

Another reason to love St. Pete! On top of having gorgeous beaches, great restaurants and nightlife, it’s also one of the places in the U.S. where you can grab a cheap pint of beer. made a list of the cities in the U.S. with the cheapest beer prices. They analyzed over 100 of the most populated cities and the cost of bottle or draught beer. Two Florida cities actually made the list. St. Pete ranked 6th for cities with cheap beer, with an average cost of $4.28 for a pint. Jacksonville wasn’t far behind them, they were tied with Lubbock and Irving, Texas and Chesapeake, Virginia for the number 8 spot. Toledo, Ohio was ranked number 1 in America for the cheapest beer. To nobody’s surprise, New York and Los Angeles are the two cities with the most expensive prices. You can expect to pay around $8 for a beer in those big cities.

This ranking had us thinking, where is the best place to get a cheap beer in St. Pete? Well we did the work for you. With some help from, we made a list of the places in St. Pete where a pint of beer won’t hurt your wallet. St. Pete is a hot spot for breweries. However, don’t expect to grab an 8% IPA for $5. This mostly applies to domestic beers like Bud Light, Coors, Miller Lite, etc.

Here are 5 places in St. Pete where you can find cheap beer:

Are Your Favorite Female Rockers In The Hall?

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