The alligator was waiting on the porch.

When I first moved to Florida, I was convinced that an alligator would one day hide under my car and bite me as I unlocked the door in the morning. While that scenario never unfolded, I still check for the scaly critters, just in case.
Daytona Beach police officers got a call on Saturday night about an alligator attack. But it wasn’t in the normal location. It wasn’t next to a lake at sunset. It didn’t happen to a little old lady as she walked her shih tzu. It happened to a man as he opened his front door to check about a noise that he had heard on his porch. Officers say they arrived on the scene at 9:42 pm Saturday night to find a man who appeared to have been bitten by an alligator. The man told police that once he opened the door, the alligator lunged at hom and bit down hard on his upper thigh. Because it was dark and the porch light was not on, the victim thought a dog had attacked him. Once he was able to free hiumself from the attack, he stepped back inside the house and slammed the door in front of him. That’s when he discovered the open wound on his upper thigh, bleeding profusely.
The man, identified as Scott Hillingsworth, estimated the alligator to be about six or seven feet long and added that the reptile scampered away after he slammed the door. Once he saw the blood, he applied pressure to the bite until emergency crews arrived on the scene. The victim was later told by the Division of Wildlife that the gator was closer to nine feet long. Hollingsworth told police that they had seen lots of alligators in the pond close to his house, but they had never ventured onto their porch. Officials with Florida Fish and Wildlife contcted a trapper, who euthanized the beast later the same day. The victim required surgery at the hospital and is expected to recover fully. Hillingsworth, who is an avid motorcyclist, says he’ll probably have to wait until next year to visit Daytona Bike Week, admitting that it will be a while before he can ride again. Source:


7 Breweries To Visit During Tampa Bay Beer Week

It’s going to be a gorgeous week to sit back, relax, and sip on some awesome Tampa Bay brewed beers! Tampa Bay Beer Week runs from Friday March 5 to Sunday March 12. A few kick off events are also happening this weekend! This is a week long celebration of the vibrant beer culture found throughout the Tampa Bay area. A lot of local breweries are celebrating by hosting special events or featuring exclusive beers this week only.

Tampa Bay is quickly becoming a brewery hot spot. With over 100 breweries to choose from, you may not know where to start. Whether you like the hoppy IPA’s, or just your average ale, there’s going to be lots to try during Tampa Bay Beer Week. We thought we would make a list of our favorite spots and some that are including exclusive beers. Many places are also going to have local food trucks out to go with your beer of choice. We’re only featuring 7 of our favorite spots, but you can click here to see the full list of events happening. Most of these events are free but there are handful of ticketed events that cost $30-$60 depending on the event/type of ticket.

Here are 7 breweries to visit during Tampa Beer Week

  • Woven Water Brewery

    Located at 456 W. Columbus Dr, Tampa.

    Woven Water is one of Tampa’s hottest new breweries! They are featuring takeover from other breweries and will have local food trucks out to keep your stomach full!

  • Arkane Brewery

    Located at 2480 E Bay Dr #23 Largo, FL.

    Arkane Brewery in Largo is hosting Friends & Fam Guest Tapping on March 6 for Tampa Bay Beer Week! If you like sours and stouts, this is the spot for you! Try their Trippin’ Zombies – a Sour Ale collab with Beer Zombies made with passion fruit, mango, & coconut.

  • Breweries of Dunedin Pub Crawl

    Alright, since Dunedin is bustling with so many breweries, we thought we would feature their Pub crawl their hosting for Tampa Bay Beer Week! Join your favorite brewery owners and staff on a pub crawl through all seven downtown Dunedin breweries (plus a bonus distillery stop)!

    7venth Sun: 4-4:45pm
    Woodwright: 4:50-5:35pm
    Dunedin Brewery: 5:40-6:40pm (extra time for dinner)
    Cueni: 6:45-7:30pm
    HOB (trailside): 7:35-8:15pm
    Caledonia: 8:20-8:55pm
    Soggy Bottom: 9:00-9:45pm
    Cotherman Distilling: 10-?

    Be sure to take an Uber or Lyft for this one!

  • Ology Tampa Presents: 90’s Night Moves

    Located at: 6401 N Florida Ave

    Ology in Tampa is hosting multiple events for Tampa Bay Beer Week. Check out their schedule below:

  • Common Dialect - Seminole Heights

    Located at: 5023 N Florida Ave, Tampa

    Seminole Heights beer hole is hosting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Night for Tampa Bay Beer Week! Enjoy limited release 90’s throw back soda seltzers and special merch! Bravaro’s pizza will be slinging pies from 12-8p!

  • Crooked Thumb - Safety Harbor

    Head to Crooked Thumb in Safety Harbor for their Berry Beer Fest! They are partnering with 10 different breweries to let you taste different berry beers! This is a ticketed event but it’s $40 for unlimited pours. Depending on how much you drink, that could be a great deal. Tickets and more info here.

  • Motorworks Brewing - Tampa

    Located at 6905 N. Orleans Ave, Tampa

    Motorworks Brewing and C.1949 Florida Beer Garden are teaming up once again for a special Tap Takeover to celebrate Tampa Bay Beer Week. Meet award-winning head brewer, Bob Haa, and choose from an eclectic assortment of 11 Motorworks brews including limited releases & exclusive one-offs typically only found in the Bradenton taproom.

Water Street Is Growing Again

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