FHP has been extremely successful.

Back when I was in high school, my dad gave me a small pocket knife. It was a pretty typical thing to recieve as a teenager back in Kentucky. It was a brand new 3-bladed Case XX. I still have it, but I don’t carry it anymore. It’s an antique now. lol
I forgot that I had the knife in my pocket one day, and wound up taking it to school. As I reached for my lunch money, you guessed it, the knife fell out on the floor. My biology teacher happened to be standing right there. We both went to the principal’s office and the knife was confiscated. Luckily, my dad came with me to school the next day to get it. I promised not to bring it ever again and I got my knife back.
It’s a different world now. Lots of people intentionally try to sneak contraband in and out of where those things should not be. However, law enforcement is pretty good at finding and confiscating those items. The Florida Highway patrol has gotten so good at finding forbidden items that they amassed over $110,000,000 in intercepted stuff in the last year alone. The special force that has been charged with finding contraband is called Florida Highway Patrol’s Criminal Interdiction Unit, and they are very good at their jobs. In 2022, they are responsible for capturing over 5,000 pounds of narcotics and cash adding up to $110,400,681. They can also take credit for 2,187 felony charges. Additionally, the unit seized over 200 weapons and stopped almost 150 undocumented immigrants in a single year. A single squad confiscated 722 pounds of marijuana and 650 pounds of other drugs. Among the seized drugs were fentanyl, oxycodonexylazine and ecstacy. Source: WFLA.com

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