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Crime is rare in the area.

It’s a rarity for sure, but a deadly shooting occurred at a surf shop in Clearwater on Tuesday. Thankfully, police quickly identified a suspect and arrested him the following night. That man is Johnathon Stanley. The Clearwater Police Department charged Stanley with second degree murder after tracking him down to the Clearwater Mall on Wednesday night.
Police were called to the Surf Style at 315 South Gulfview Boulevard in Clearwater on Tuesday night about a shooting that happened inside the store. When officers arrived, they found the victim, 22-year-old Rodney Sweeney of Largo, suffering from gunshot wounds on the second floor of the building. The victim was sent to Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, where he later died from his injuries. Security surveillance video showed the victim interacting with three other men shortly before the shooting, which escalated into a flight, followed by the shooting. Investigators say they are still piecing together what happened. Photos of the other suspects can be seen here.
Clearwater Police have increased patrols in the area and remind residents and tourists that Clearwater is a safe place, but unfortunately crime does happen wherever you go. Additional police presence is always added during Spring Break, and this year is no exception. Anyone who may have any additional information about the case in encouraged to call Clearwater police at 727-562-4242. Source:

One Last Story Before He Disappears Forever

Hugh Grant's Rude Oscar Interview With Ashley Graham

During a red-carpet interview with Ashley Graham at the Oscars Sunday (March 12), Hugh Grant gave the model nothing to work with. After shrugging with his hand on his hip when Graham called the 62-year-old actor a “veteran of the Oscars,” he kept his standoffish attitude throughout the remainder of the interview.

“What’s your favorite thing about coming to the Oscars?” asks Graham, keeping up a cheerful manner. Grant blinks a few times before replying, “Um… Well, um…” Laughing at her question, the Love Actually star finally came up with the words. “It’s fascinating. The whole of humanity is here. It’s vanity fair.” Slightly taken aback at his response, Graham tried to play along with Grant.

In an attempt to continue the interview, Graham then asks Grant who he’s most excited to see. The actor just says, “No one in particular.” Things get even more awkward when Graham asks about what he wore for the evening and Grant goes, “Just my suit.” Grant says he couldn’t remember the name of the tailor for his tuxedo.

Finally, she went on to ask about his experience filming his cameo in the recent Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. “Well, I’m barely in it. I’m in it for about 3 seconds,” he responded. When Graham asked if he had fun doing the film, he responded, “Almost.”

Take a look below at what Twitter had to say of the exchanges. But suffice to say, sometimes it’s best to not do interviews if you don’t feel like being interviewed!

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Going Anywhere For Spring Vacation?

5 Cheap Airfare Deals from Tampa for Under $200 Round Trip

It’s not a popular travel season, but if you can take some vacation days, this is a great time of year to score a flight deal. Kids are still in school so leisure travel drops off and the airlines want to fill those empty seats so they know they have to cut prices. Here are 5 cities I love to visit that you can fly round trip right now for $200 or less.

All of these flights I found by searching the dates April 5 through April 12. Midweek flights are often where you’ll find the bargains. Keep in mind too many of these airlines nickel and dime you by charging for things like a carry on bag, picking your seat or having a snack on the plane.

If you can pack light, you’ll save a lot. I found a “personal item” size bag on Amazon for $10 that let me avoid even bringing on a typical carry on size bag for short trips or visits where I can easily get my laundry done. If you’re not one who can travel light, the crazy thing is you’ll often find a check in size piece of luggage is cheaper than a carry on!

  • Atlanta for $38

    $38 roundtrip!? That’s cheaper than driving. The nonstop flight I found on Frontier leaves at 8am out of TPA and leaves Atlanta at 5:39pm. Catch opening day for the Atlanta Braves.

  • Boston for $179

    Anytime you can get an airfare under $200 to Boston, it’s a good deal. For $179 roundtrip, look for the Spirit early morning flight at 5:30am. I know I know. Super early. But that’ll give you an full day in Boston as it arrives at 8:35AM. Your return flight time will be far less painful. Take the 7:30am flight on United leaving at 7:30am. You’ll have a long layover, but it’s a fun one… take the train from Newark into New York City and get a great slice of pizza and stroll around Central Park. You’ll get back to Tampa at 6:08pm.

  • Chicago for $138

    Visiting Chicago in April isn’t the most touristy thing to do. It can still get pretty cold. But a deep dish pizza will warm you up. For just $138 roundtrip, grab the Frontier 8:10am flight out of Tampa. It connects in Atlanta. If you want to skip the layover, for $30 more take the American Airlines 6:06AM flight. You’ll have an early flight on the way back though at 6AM, but you’ll be back in Tampa by 9:30AM.

  • Las Vegas for $140

    For $140 roundtrip, you’ll have plenty of money to dump into the slot machines. Take the late night 10:47PM nonstop Frontier flight from Tampa to Sin City. When you get to Vegas at 1am, crash at the hotel… or get the party started. The 7am flight back has a stop in Atlanta for 4 hours, which stinks. But for $10 more you can get a late night nonstop flight if you’re a good sleeper on airplanes.

  • San Francisco $202

    2 trips in one! Jump on the 8:50AM Spirit flight out of TPA. Stop in Las Vegas for 10 hours and then finish your trip with Frontier landing in California at 10:50PM. On the way back you get to do it again. Take the 12:45PM Frontier flight, have fun for 13 hours in Vegas. Then jump on the Spirit red eye to Tampa. All this for $202! I know that’s $2 over the budget, but you can win that back at the tables.

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