Beaches are already at risk.

It’s like a huge, green turd in a salty punch bowl. It’s a monstrous gelatinous glob of seaweed, and it’s aimed directly at the Florida Coast. I know what you’re thinking…maybe I can just go further up or down the beach to avoid it. Well, you’re gonna have to go about 5,000 miles up the coastline if that’s the plan. This kelp creation is twice as wide as THE UNITED STATES! Kinda like your ex, this blob is visible from space.
It’s called sargassam, really. That’s enough to keep me from getting it all over me. The massive load of green goo is believed to be the largest seaweed bloom in history. Hell, maybe that’s what offed the dinosaurs. For now, the monstrous funk pile is floating around off the Atlantic coastline of Africa and our beloved Gulf of Mexico. But gooey masses never stay where you put them, and this is no exception. But let’s take a moment to analyze the predicament. A massive seaweed bloom could potentially feed sea life and absorb carbon dioxide. There’s a downside, though. You see, this thing is so huge that it could give sea life nowhere to go. But the real victim could be our coral, which has already undergone major changes over the least few decades. If the seaweed bloom covers the ocean surfce, sun cannot reach coral and other plants and animals. That could negatively affect our Bay and Gulf for years to come.
At a bare minimum, the seaweed could coat our beaches, making it difficult to enjoy the coming warm days. Removing the blankets of vegetation would also require untold millions of dollars and hours of manpower. The kelp can even clog water equipment. Add this to the existing red tide event in our area and it gets complicated very quickly. The current red tide bloom has been around since October in different areas along our coast. As always, people with allergies or asthmatic conditions should avoid the water and beaches whenever red tide is present. Source:

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