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Witnesses say the engine sputtered.

When I was kid, growing up in the suburbs in Louisville, Kentucky, I had a bit of a wild streak. Then again, we all did. Evel Knievel was jumping canyons in rocket cars and we were jumping drainage ditches on our Huffys. Luckily, the only damage we ever suffered were scraped knees and the occasional broken arm. But that’s not how things turned out for Florida man on Monday.

Volusia County deputies say they responded to the report of a plane crash at about 5 pm on Monday. When they arrived on the scene, they found the homebuilt aircraft scattered across a lightly wooded area close to a private airport. While several parts of the wings were lodged in trees about 20 feet off the ground, most of the fuselage was lying on the ground, crumpled and ruined. According to the police report, 78-year-old Vincent Grasso had to be removed from the ultralight’s wreckage.

First responders say the man suffered serious injuries from the crash. Witnesses to the crash say the aircraft appeared to make two hard left turns before backfiring. That’s when they say the engine stopped running and the craft crashed into the ground shortly after. Local residents were first to arrive, saying they discovered Grasso unconscious and dangling upside down from his safety harness inside the destroyed air frame. Grasso was air-flighted to a local hospital, where he is listed in stable condition. Once the man was removed and an investigation was completed, the wreckage was removed from the scene. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined. Source:


The Best Places To Have a Great Meal In Tampa

Best Restaurants In Tampa For Special Occasions

Do you like to go out for special occasions? Whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, or just looking for a new dining experience, going out in Tampa leaves you with a lot of options. This list has all of the best restaurants in Tampa to visit for any special occasions.

There’s a lot to factor when choosing your go-to restaurant. The ambiance, cuisine, price, and location are all big components. Whether you’re looking for something casual, or want to indulge in fine dining, Tampa as a variety of places to choose from. Some of the places on this list are great for romantic date nights, others have a better vibe for going out with friends. We got this inspiration from Stacker. Their full list of highest-rated restaurants in Tampa consists of 30 places using rankings from Tripadvisor. We condensed that list to the top 13 highest-rated restaurants. You may notice that we left out some Tampa classics like Bern’s Steak House or Eddie V’s. Don’t get us wrong, those places are great, but there are many other restaurants in Tampa to include that aren’t impossible to get a table at and won’t break your bank. No matter where you pick, we recommend making a reservation to avoid any long wait times.

[Source: News Channel 8]

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These are the top 13 highest-rated restaurants for special occasions in Tampa

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