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Lots of cities have rejected the man.

First things first, if I had one, I’d want to display it, too. However, Florida man is having problems getting his 6-foot penis statue to be erected in a public park in Florida. While the man claims the statue is part of a religious display, various cities he’s contacted have flatly denied his wishes.

The man is Boca Raton resident Chaz Stevens, and he has been contacting several different towns across Florida in an attempt to get his impressive phallic symbol up in a public place. While his goal is to expose the masses to his sculpture in Fort Lauderdale, he is open to placing the peen wherever it will be accepted. The monstrous meat mass weighs about 300 pounds and is about 6 feet tall.

Stevens has been sending d-pics far and wide to try and get permission for the 300-pound custom-made piece, but only one city has given him a firm “maybe”…Fort Lauderdale. Several other cities have not yet responded. Stevens, who is an atheist, claims that the tremendous tube steak and potatoes is a religious display and should be allowed because a Christmas tree was displayed in the park over the holidays. The man says his monument was inspired by a Japanese sculptor who recently built a similar piece that “celebrated love, fertility and male genitalia”. Meanwhile, another activist says he hopes the request is denied. Robert Walsh says the statue is “vulgar” and “not art”. Walsh went on to accuse Stevens of being a narcissist and said he just wants attention.

Once the dust clears, we will all find out once and for all if the monument is allowed to thrust proudly toward the Florida sky. It may be coming to a park near you soon. Source:

Why We Love Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl: 10 Outstanding Viral Moments

Dave Grohl hasn’t just given us some of our favorite music of the past three decades; he’s also provided us with some of rock’s best viral moments.

Honestly, and this isn’t hyperbole in any way, but Dave Grohl is simply magic. In honor of his birthday (January 14), here’s a look at just 10 of Grohl’s best viral moments.

  • Impersonating Christopher Walken introducing the Foo Fighters as the musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live.'

  • When the Foo Fighters played a special show for the town of Cesena, Italy after their own viral mass jam of 'Learn To Fly.'

  • Falling off stage in Sweden and breaking his leg only to return and finish the gig.

  • His drum-off with Animal.

  • Fakes falling off the stage at the same venue where he fell off stage and broke his leg. 

  • Busking at Pike Place Market in Seattle with Brandi Carlile.

    Busking at Pike Place Market. Right where it all started so many years ago. Super special guest: Dave Grohl.

    Posted by Brandi Carlile on Saturday, April 20, 2019

  • Tipping $333 on a bar tab so the bill's total could be $666.

  • Chugs a beer on stage and almost falls off...again!

  • Brings guitar to a blind child to play with during Foo Fighters gig.

  • Playing 'Satan' during a 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' bit.

Side Eye

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