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See it to believe it. 50 Feet in the air two Florida Men start fighting. Now People are arguing over who won this Florida Man fistfight!

My parents always told me that we weren’t allowed to go anywhere if I didn’t get along with my brother. Well, no one told these two Florida men as they got into a fistfight when they went to Utah. A Tiktok video that has gone viral shows these two men start fighting on a ski lift. And now the internet is taking sides on who was the winner. So who won this Florida Man fistfight?

The fight happened over a week ago, on December 30. The two men were over 50 feet in the air when things got heated. The fight was between two men, one 52 and the other 39. Apparently, one hit the other in the face, and the other yelled, “You’re going to elbow me in my f*ing face?!” while striking him over the middle passenger. People all over TikTok decided to take sides on the whole argument. the fight continued all the way up the mountain until local authorities met them. When questioned, the 52-year-old man denied all allegations.

Multiple comments from TikTok:

“So that guy elbowed him in the face and he’s not allowed to react/defend himself. I would have throttled on him too,” 

“This is absolutely terrifying! No matter what they said/did this behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE on a lift. It’s literally life-threatening!”

Many people discovered they had a new fear of being caught on a ski lift stuck between two people fighting. All in all, it was a Florida Brawl of the year, but who won this Florida Man fistfight? [Source Newsbreak]

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