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Confusion was everywhere for days.

Let’s play a game! Grab a box fan. Turn it on high. Now go to the family cat’s litter box and throw its contents into the whirling blades. Now you know how life has been for Southwest Airlines, its employees and its passengers over the last week or so.
Southwest had been cancelling flights like it’s their job. On Wednesday alone, they grounded 2,509 flights. The following day, they kept another 2,348 airplanes on the tarmac. It makes you wonder how long this can continuee. Finally, Southwest CEO Bob Jordan spoke up about the disasterous week experienced by his airline, and therefore thousands of customers. He blamed an inadequate computer system, saying the programs used to help the airline del with excessive passenger load were simply overloaded and failed during a crucial time. Demand for flights mixed with a huge winter storm simply crippled the airline, leaving passengers, Southwest employees and thousands of bags strewn across the country with no way to get them to their owners or destinations.
Jordan also took advantage of his time at the mic to tell customers that the airline will make every effort to make things right with those who were affected by the catastrophe, saying Southwest Airlines will reimburse all “reasonable” costs incurred by the failure. That could include hotel stays, meals, and flights on other airlines. As with all events of this type, you will be expected to provide receipts for any costs for which you are seeking to be repaid. Also, check with your credit card company, you may be covered for unforeseen costs. Many credit card issuers cover surprise costs due to delays, cancellations or other travel disruptions. Finally, check out the U.S. Department of Transportation’s online tool that lists what each airline offers in the case of delays, cancellations, lost luggage or other problems. Source:

How To Bring In 2023

3 Best Pinellas New Year's Eve 2023 Fireworks Displays

We will NOT see those bone chilling freezing cold temperatures on New Year’s Eve around Tampa Bay. In fact, the forecast calls for warmer than normal weather with temperatures all weekend in the upper 70s. Some areas might even hit 80 degrees. There is a chance of some rain, but hopefully it’ll be a typical Florida quick shower.

If you’re looking to stay on the Pinellas County side of the Bay, there are three big fireworks displays to check out New Year’s Eve to ring in 2023.

  • St. Pete Pier

    A party at Spa Beach begins at 8pm with music, food trucks, and champagne bar. You’ll be able to see the midnight fireworks display anywhere along the waterfront, but the pier is your best bet. Before the fireworks, maybe visit the Dali Museum or get dinner at Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille.

  • Clearwater Beach

    Bring a lawn chair or beach towel and have a seat on the sand. Head to the southern end of Clearwater Beach for the best view of these midnight fireworks, which will be set off on the north end of Sand Key (which will be closed to the public). Take the Jolley Trolley to avoid traffic!

  • Treasure Island

    Head to the beach near Gulf Front Park at 10400 Gulf Blvd just south of the Treasure Island Causeway for the best view. Parking is a challenge, but plan ahead to seek out the best city-owned lots.

I’m Not Surprised

Forbes Names Tampa As Best City in Florida To Live In

It’s not exactly a secret. Tampa is the best city in Florida to call home. Even Forbes agrees. They measured things like home affordability, employment opportunities, crime, cost of living, diversity, public transit, healthcare and population growth. We certainly know firsthand about that last one.

Forbes says Tampa has everything you need for daily life. For anything Tampa might be missing, they mentioned that Miami and Orlando are within driving distance. Forbes liked our beaches, sports teams, and somehow we got some praise for our public transportation system. They did visit, right!?

Here was the full top 10.

  • #10: Pensacola

    Pensacola got props for their naval air station, home to the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

  • #9: Tallahassee

    Maybe some of the analysts were Seminoles fans?

  • #8: Sarasota

    They loved how Sarasota is family friendly and close to the beach.

  • #7: Melbourne

    Forbes gave The Space Coast props for year-round rocket launches and beach vacations.

  • #6: Miami

    It’s Florida’s biggest city and Forbes loved Miami’s beaches and colorful architecture.


  • #5: Orlando

    For Disney fans, this one’s the obvious choice.

  • #4: Cape Coral

    Their low crime rate helped them beat out the big cities.

  • #3: Gainesville

    Surprised they ranked so high on the list? They loved the area’s state parks and hiking trails, but they scored big points for a lower cost of living.

  • #2: Jacksonville

    Jacksonville’s employment opportunities helped them almost reach the top of the list. Lots of beaches didn’t hurt too.

  • #1: Tampa

    We’re biased. It’s home for us.  But we love our Florida life… and it’s clear with how many keep moving here that others do too.

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