How long can you hold a lottery ticket? This Tampa man almost won a full Powerball prize and has been awarded $1 Million back from October.

Remember that single winner of the largest lottery jackpot ever a few months back? One person won $2.04 billion dollars. One person…
While it’s not quite 2 billion bux, last night’s winning numbers did make several people across the country a bit more likely to venture out past the dollar menu. There was not a big winner, but several new millionaires were created last night via the Mega Millions lottery. One of them lives right here in Florida! The jackpot will now grow to $640 million dollars and the next drawing is will be held this Friday. If the winner opts for cash, they would would receive one lump sum of $328.3 million dollars. The winning numbers for last night’s drawing were 9-13-36-59-61 and the Mega Ball was 11.
When jackpots rise, so do ticket sales, so expect the total drawing amount to increase very quickly with each passing week without a winner. Admittedly, your chance of winning the jackpot is quite small. In fact, it’s currently one in 302 million-ish. Last night’s drawing was among the largest Mega Millions dreawings of all time. POwerball, meanwhile, is currently sitting at $215 million dollars. While both jackpots are huge, for sure, they pale by comparison to the largest lottery winnings of all time.
As mentioned earlier, a single ticket was sold to a California man a few months ago, landing him a gargantuan $2.08 BILLION dollars. The man took his time to come forward, waiting almost 60 days just to claim the prize. The remaining Top 5 lottery winnings all hover around the $1.3-$1.5 billion dollar mark.
Experts say it’s best to hire a financial advisor, an attorney and a tax specialist as soon as possible after finding out you’ve won the lottery, even before claiming the money. Many winners go broke after only a short time, that’s why it’s best to keep a level head and plan your future before acting impulsively. Source:

Who Has The Best Dive Bars In Florida?

Multiple Florida Cities Rank Best Spots For Dive Bars

Multiple Florida cities have ranked high for best cities for dive bars. Who doesn’t love cheap drinks and a chill atmosphere? Here in the Tampa Bay area, we have so many staple bars to choose from, and even more dive bars for a more laid back evening.

While many places in Tampa Bay have created elevated cocktail menus, sometimes you just need a simple shot and a beer. That’s where these unique watering holes come in. From the delicious food to the giant mugs of beer, dive bars are a special place that explode with character and personality you can’t find anywhere else. These bars are usually open past your typical downtown spots, so it’s usually the last stop of the night.

Another reason to love these pubs is the atmosphere. Usually these bars are smaller and casual and even feature local music. The bartender won’t push fancy drinks on you and you can spend your night playing pool, darts, or other classic bar games. There are so many great bars scattered around the Tampa Bay area, it’s hard to choose which is our favorite. Tampa even ranked third in this study for best cities for dive bars in the U.S.. A few more Florida cities made the list too!

Factors For Methodology 

  • Number of Bars
  • Average Star Rating of Bars
  • Number of Bars w/ Live Music
  • Number of Bars w/ Karaoke
  • Number of Bars w/ Outdoor Seating
  • Number of Bars w/ Street Parking
  • Number of Bars w/ Garage Parking
  • Number of Bars w/ Private Lot Parking
  • Number of Bars w/ a Pool Table

[Source: Shane & Co.]

Here Are The Top 20 Best U.S. Cities for Dive Bars


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