The 89-year-old man and his small dog successfully fought off the hogs.

Ahhhh, Florida. We truly have it all. While everyone else across the country heads inside to cuddle up next to the fireplace for the next few months, we head to the beach with a margarita in our hand to watch the sunset. As northern cars careen into ditches on black ice, we keep building car washes…every 500 feet or so…on every single road.
But there’s a down side. They don’t have alligators up north. They don’t have 18-foot pythons up there, either. No-see-ums? Nopers. There are a few things we have in common, though. Ya know those wild hogs that keep creating problems across our state? No, I’m not talking about John Travolta on a Harley. I mean those feral pigs that keep populating at a record pace. Look across any open field in our part of the state and there’s a good chance you’ll see several of the well-fed critters, rooting around and digging for food. And wild hogs can be mean mothers, too. Those horns? They’ll peel your ribs apart like a ripe banana.
But wild hogs are no match for Florida man. Take 89-year-old David Reisman, a laid back Floridian who was out walking his best buddy, Riley recently. That’s when a gang of bacon-filled vagrants attacked them both simultaneously. Reisman told reporters that he was taking a relaxing walk at about 8:30 pm when a hog suddenly ran directly at him and began a violent attack. As the man fought off the animal, another hog grabbed his small dog. Reisman said he was able to fight off the a-hole beast by beating it in the face repeatedly with a flashlight until his wife ran outside and scared the offenders away. Riley and Reisman were both okay after the attack.
A neighbor who was interviewed about the incident said wild hogs have become a genuine safety concern in the area, stating that residents cannot venture out into the night anymore. The pigs also forage for food in neighborhood yards, digging up electrical connections, plumbing and even flowers and plants. Area homeowners have proposed building a fence that would surround the entire area, protecting residents from the animals. The homeowners’ association has not yet decided it’s plan of attack. And before you get any bright ideas, wild hog meat tastes pretty bad. It’s not recommended for consumption. Although some hunters say the gamey meat can be used for jerky. Source:

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