What happened last night?

There we were, sitting patiently in front of our TVs last night, waiting and watching to see who won the huge Powerball jackpot. But then, nothing happened.
First, don’t worry. The drawing results will be made known today. There was a problem with some retailers being unable to sell tickets. The Multi-State Lottery Association announced last night that the drawing was temporarily delayed because some entries had not yet ben received due to ‘electronic processing issues’. They went on to say that the full drawing will be posted on the Powerball website and YouTube channel when it’s available. A similar problem happened a couple of weeks ago and another time back in April. There was also a delay last summer, when several lotteries had to pass ‘security protocols’. The current Powerball jackpot is by far the largest amount ever, surpassing the previous high by over $400,000,000.
The current Powerball started as only $20 million back in August. But due to no winnners’ numbers being drawn, it has risen to almost $2 billion dollars. The chances suck, though. You have a 1 in 292.2 million chance of winning the big money. If you choose 29 yearly payments, you’ll win $1.9 billion dollars. If you choose a one-time cash payment, you’ll get $929 million in cash. The wilest part? If there is no winner this time around, the jackpot will be solidly over $2 billion dollars. meanwhile, there are still several winning lottery tickets from Florida out there, with values of up to $1 million dollars, so check your tickets! Source: WFLA.com

UPDATE: 9:54 a.m. There was NOT a winner in the Powerball last night, which means the jackpot is now up to $2.3 billion dollars!

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