Tickets are being sold at a record pace.

I live less than a mile away from the Publix where a million dollar lottery ticket was sold over the weekend. I didn’t win, but one of my neighbors did. Now I’m not sure what comes next. Does that mnean that all of the luck has been used up in my part of town, or does it mean that it’s warmed up and ready to dole out the cash?
I’m a bit confused. The last two times I’ve bought tickets for the Powerball, I won small prizes. The first time I won $11 and the seoncd time I won $31 dollars. Until this last week, I hadn’t won anything whatsoever in the Powerball. I mean nothing…nada…zilch…ever. Whatever it means, I’ll continue to buy those tickets at my local mom-and-pop store, hoping that I’ll get astronomically lucky. The Powerball is now so large that it’s difficult to imagine such wealth. For reference, you’d be worth 3x Tom Brady’s net worth in an instant. As expected, the number is getting bigger by the econd. The Powerball is now worth just under $2 billion freaking dollars.
The lottery jackpot broke into record territory over the weekend, but now the numbers are donwright insane. Even if you choose to recieve the jackpot in a lump sum payment, the toal would be almost a billion dollars. That’s eff you money, folks. The bad news? Your chance of winning is right up there with getting an invitation to a Twister party with Margot Robbie and Eva Mendes. I’m not gonna say it’s iumpossible, it’s just highly unlikely. Officially, your odds are one in 292,201,338. Source:

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