Dream homes are still going quickly.

Things got really crazy during the pandemic. Grocery stores painted arrows on their floors, we all learned which jobs were considered essential and we bought toilet paper by the pallet. Another result of 2020 was the spiking prices on real estate. While other states experienced growth, Florida was white hot, with some home values increasing by six figures or more. Now, according to a new report, those crazy upward price spirals seem to be leveling out. In the Zillow September Monthly report, the average home in the Bay is now valued at $391,114, which is very slightly lower than August. The slight downward tick barely affects the 73.8% rise in values since 2019, though. Meanwhile, rent prices have continued to rise, up 12% since last year again. The average apartmnent in Tampa will now cost you $2,167 a month.
Across America, real estate prices have remained almost flat over the last few months. Interest rates, however, are rising. The typical rate these days hovers around 7%. Still, buyers are out there, investing in their dream homes in the Sunshine State. The concept of ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) has been floated as an option to house people more cost-effectively, but many people have said they would rent the units as AirBnBs. That would do nothing to help residents find affordable housing. Meanwhile, as real estate prices seem to have leveled off, sales definitely continue. The only real change has been the length of time listings are up before properties sell. The average home now moves in about 11 days. Source: CLTampa

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