There's nothing awesome about stepping on a cagrette butt.

One of life’s most relaxing moments happens when you wiggle your bare toes in beach sand that has the consistency of talcum powder. It’s magical. Now add a margarita and you’ve got the perfect formula to chill out, Florida style. There’s one way to screw up the vibe, though. Dig your toes into a moist, freshly extinguished cigarette butt. Now let’s put a little spit and lipstick on it. Sexy, huh?
That scenario should fade away soon, as the City Council in St. Pete unanimously voted to ban smoking cigarettes and vaping on its beaches and in its parks. Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a new law into action that allows individual cities to decide on their own about enforcement of a smoking ban, and that’s why St. Pete council members took action in their town. Proponents of the ban say they hope it will not only prevent smoking and vaping in parks and on beaches, but they hope it will also keep new smokers from even starting in the first place. Cigarette butts are the number one type of litter in the bay area. The butts even affect fish and wildlife, as wildlife can eat the refuse, thinking it is food. Officials say they will be enforcing the new ban slowly at first, beginning with signage and eventually issuing citations. Source:

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