The program says it needs more money for research.

It’s safe to say that no one wants to find a floater in their Yeti tumbler. That may be why there’s been some opposition to a new plan for our drinking water in Tampa. The city council met yesterday to discuss mixing treated poo water with our drinking water, which is kinda….well, crappy.
First, lets’ talk about how the plan would work. It’s called PURE and it’s an acronym for Purify Useable Resources For The Environment. Treated water being mixed with drinking water is not a new concept, but it’s never really taken a hold in Tampa. Environmentalists say it’s a bad idea, saying pharmaceuticals, hormones and chemicals find their way into the supply, endangering the masses. Before you freak out entirely, there is no plan to introduce wastewater to our drinking supply right now and PURE is just an idea at this point. Furthermore, the council shot down a proposal to give another $1.2 million to further the study. Meanwhile, the search for a better plan to ensure we have an adequate drinking water supply continues. Source:

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