Expect a late Christmas present from TECO.

The good news? Gasoline prices fell by a very small margin recently. The bad news? Florida power companies say they need more from our relationship. Turns out, all those nights with the a/c cranked have done nothing to warm their hearts. That means they have asked for a double-digit increase from their customers in the coming year. Specifically, TECO has asked for approximately 11% more cheddar from businesses and homeowners in 2023. Many local small businesses have already expressed concern about the increases, saying they are already stretching their finances thinly.

Increases in energy costs will be passed on to the customer, meaning an additional 10% would be added almost immediately in most cases. Inside sources blame everything from the war in Ukraine to slow production of fuel. Frustration has been heightened by high fuel prices across the world. Diesel prices remain at over $5.00 a gallon, which has hindered businesses as they attempt to make a profit in an already stressed economy. Now, as the holidays approach, the cost to transport goods is being called into question. Source: Fox13News.com

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