It's leagl and illegal, depending on who you ask.

Before you pick which side of this story you’re gonna take, check out the details in the case of Samuel Ortiz-Velez. Velez was fired fomr his job recently after testing positive for marijuana. It’s not a clear cut case, though. First, the man is a U.S. Marine combat veteran who worked at the Florida Department of Corrections until he was fired for the drug test. Velez was prescribed marijuana legally for his PTSD following his time in the service. Now, the man wants his job back.
Velez’ attorney says his client was fired after failing a drug test, which violated his rights. According to the attorney, if a person in Florida tests positive for opioids while on the job, they are legally allowed to produce a prescription fom a doctor to avoid repercussions. The attorney believes that the same policy should apply to marijuana. The main problem with changing the law is that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, unlike prescription opioids. To further the confusion, the state of Florida allows medical use marijuana, but the state also prhibits usage of marijuana by state workers. It gets EVEN MORE confusing! Individual employers can make their own policies pertaining to weed usage. Until the smoke clears, marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, legal in Florida for medical use and each employer can make their own rules. Ugh. Source:

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