The gator was 12 feet long and hungry.

“It would have been funny if it ws a little gator, but that thing was huge”, said J.C. La Verde fom his hospital bed. He’s the guy who was attacked my a monstrous alligator as a drone flew overhead. The story of the attack, which would rival a Hollywood blockbuster, is terrifying and brutal.
J.C. La Verde is unbelivably lucky to be alive. As a firefighter and paramedic, not to mention a U.S. Air Force pararescue specialist, he’s been through some situations that most of us will never experience. The good news is, those experiences were credited with training the man to remain calm as he was being attacked by a huge gator in the water two weeks ago. As La Verde filmed an instructional video for his company, showing how to handle emergency situations in the water. As the man swam, a friend recorded everything on a drone overhead. That’s when the feriend noticed a massive 12-foot alligator heading directly toward Le Verde. When the gator eached the man, it chomped down on his head and face, thrashing and rolling in the water. It is a truly terrifying video. If you can handle the video, here it is.
Le Verde immediately fought with the beast, forcing his hands into its mouth and fiercely pulling outward to release its grip. That’s when the gator suddenly opened its mouth and swam away. As quickly as it had begun, the attack was over. Luckily, Le Verde was wearing a helmet, as he always does while in the water. He swam toward the dock and enlisted the help of a bystander as he called 911. The vido and pictures say it all. Le Verde is a n extraordinarily lucky man. Not just because the alligator let go, but because he responded quickly and properly. J.C. La Verde is a true badass. Get well soon! La Verde is the 18th person to be attacked by an alligator in Florida this year alone. Source:

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