The couple denied the charges at first.

If the Ferris wheel’s a rockin’, don’t come knockin’! Police in Cedar Point, Ohio say a couple stands accused of banging on a Ferris wheel at an amusement park over the weekend. Four witnesses say they saw a Florida man and his girlfriend having intercourse while riding the park’s Ferris wheel. The riders, two of whom are 13 -years-old, told officers that they saw the entire incident. The witnesses told investigators that they observed David Davis and Heather Johnston engaging in sex as they rode in the car in front of them. The witnesses told police that they clearly saw the couple’s private parts and felt their car shaking from the activity.

Witnesses said the pair noticed that they were being watched, but laughed about it and continued having sex. When questioned about the incident, Davis and Johnston, both 32-years-old, denied the accusations, but eventually admitted to the charges. At first, they said they had dropped a pack of cigarettes on the floor of the car and were trying to retrieve it. They finally confessed to the allegations after being told that two of the witnesses were minors.

Both suspects were placed under arrest and taken to jail. Public indecency charges were filed against the couple. Because two of the four witnesses are minors, the couple faces first degree misdemeanor charges. That means they are facing 6 months in jail each. Source:

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