A U.S. Marine was sitting next to the man.

Sometimes you just have to drop in to your local watering hole and have a beer. It’s a relaxing way to shake off a hard day at work or to celebrate a reunion of friends. Occasionally, things go a little haywire. A fight breaks out, or a drunk guy cerates a scene. Things got MUCH sketchier than that at a Florida bar late Tuesday night.

Witnesses told investigators that it happened at about 9 p.m. As patrons chilled and sipped on their respective beverages, a man in a jacket sat among them quietly. That’s when the man reached into his pocket and fished around for something. Once he found it, he placed it on the bar in front of him. It was a grenade. After a short time, the man calmly grabbed the grenade and placed it back in his pocket.

Another man who was sitting close by saw the man with the grenade and decided to had to take action. Darryl Darling, who served in the Marines, took no chances. He distracted the man by buying him a drink. As the conversation carried on, the police were called and the rest of the customers were evacuated. Eventually, the room was almost empty. Once the marine saw his chance, he subdued the man and held him on the ground until officers arrived. The man was taken into custody without incident and the grenade turned out to be a dummy, meaning it was incapable of exploding. The man was taken to a mental health facility for evaluation. He told police he had recently lost some good friends an that he was experiencing severe grief. Source: MiamiHerald.com

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