She called 911 to tell them he had been stabbed.

We’ve all heard of OnlyFans. It’s a subscription service based in London, England. Countless hot babes let you pay a predetermined amount per month to have access to their adult content. While most of the people who host pages are supplying pornography, other famous people use the service, too. Musicians and physical fitness models also utilize the platform to make money.
Courtney Clenney is such a woman. She has modeled on OnlyFans and Instagram. She is also the prime suspect in the stabbing of her boyfriend, who was killed back in April in Miami. Clenney, 26, was arrested and jailed in Hawaii earlier this week. she will eventually be brought back to Florida to face murder charges. According to her attorney, the woman was in Hawaii to complete a drug rehabilitation program. Clenney is facing second degree murder charges regarding the death of Christian “Toby” Obumseli. The arrest follows a 4-month investigation into the incident when a domestic dispute erupted into violence. Clenney claimed that she acted in self-defense when she stabbed and killed Obumseli. Shortly after the death, the man’s family insisted that he would not ever pose a threat to Clenney. The couple had dated for about two years, but the relationship had been filled with domestic violence accusations. Police officers responded to their residence mnany times for related charges. The situation all ended whn Clenney called 911 on April 3rd, saying Obumseli had been stabbed. Source:

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