The man was extradited from Columbia last week.

Turns out, you can’t sell industrial strength bleach as a coronavirus cure. As a matter of fact, drinking bleach will kill you. If ingested, bleach will burn your esophagus, throat and stomach before it eventually kills you. That’s why it’s not okay for people to sell it as a miracle COVID-19 cure. You may remember the sotry of a Bradenton man who was accused of selling industrial bleach through his church as a cure for the virus. Authorities say that man has now been successfully extradited from Columbia and is now back in America. Police say 64-year-old Mark Grenon appeared in court in Miami last Thursday to face charges. The man and his three sons stand accused of scheming to defraud and potentially poison people who bought the bleach. The sons were all indicted on conspiracy to commit fraud and criminal contempt charges last year. Grenon is the leader of Genesis 2 Church Of Health and Healing in Bradenton. Durng the pandemic, the church manufactured and sold chlorine dioxide and called it a “Miracle Mineral Solution”. The product was touted as a cure for autism, cancer and malaria. The church was ordered by a Florida judge to stop selling the product back in 2020m but the church persisted. Grenon was arrested in Columbia months later. The Food and Drug Administration says the product that was being sold by the church turns into bleach whn it enters the system and can be fatal. Source:

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