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If you didn’t know any better, you would have sworn we were watching some kid playing Grand Theft Auto. This Florida Man on video was arrested in Pinellas County with 31 carjacking and crash charges.  This all ended up near Gulf Blvd by the beach. You can see in the video multiple crashes and a bicyclist avoiding being run over by this fool.

How did it all start, you ask? In true Florida, fashion started with a drug deal gone bad. Many comments and back seat drivers on the Pinellas Sheriff’s Facebook page. This video tells the story of exactly what they were dealing with.

From Pinellas Sheriff’s Facebook Page:

“First and foremost, law enforcement, in general, has to constantly balance the need to stop the threat and prevent harm to innocent people – the suspect never has to worry about that. In other words, while the suspect can drive recklessly with no regard to others, we cannot. This is why deputies weren’t right on top of him at certain points. Our Tahoes have no problem keeping up, but we have to safely clear intersections and maneuver around traffic.”
Considering all the insane actions of the dude, Pinellas County did a great job.. They also added: “Let’s just all agree that we’re thrilled no one was seriously injured and that the suspect is in custody!” The Florida Man, can’t live with him…That’s it; you just can’t live with him. [Source PinellasCountySheriff’sFB]


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