The total value of the collection was huge.

Ever use those Coinstar machines in grocery stores? They come in handy when you want to cash in all the change you build up in your house every few months.

The fees can be a bit daunting, though. It’s not unusual to see 10% charges for the service.

Still, it makes sense if you just want to clean up the house and make a few bucks. According to AJC, police say a Florida man used several Coinstar machines to cash in some coins recently, but his processing fees were a bit higher than usual.

Investigators say a man stole a collection of rare coins and fenced them in a peculiar way. Police say the man cashed them in at face value, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

They say he deposited a percentage in change machines in local grocery stores. Investigators from the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office say 40-year-old Shane Anthony Mele stole the coins, some valued at up to $1,000 each.

They say the man took several thousand dollars worth of the stolen goods to a local pawn shop, which gave him $4,000 for the items. The remaining coins were then taken to various change machines across the area and traded for cash.

The total value of the stolen goods was approximately $350,000. Mele was arrested and faces grand theft and drug-related charges.


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