The company faces litigation from the state of Florida.

According to WFLA, The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is suing HRK Holdings, the owners of Piney Point, for the huge spill earlier this year resulting in 2,000,000 gallons of phosphgypum being dumped into the bay.

The FDE is seeking the maximum penalty available and damages to restore the area. Piney Point was an ongoing problem for many years, decades even.

It all came to a head this year, when heavy rains filled a retention pond past its limit. A leak was discovered and a plan to drain the pond was formed to keep the water from flooding the region southeast of Tampa.

Tensions were high as the water was drained into the bay, which prevented a flood, but contaminated Tampa Bay with millions of gallons of nutrient-rich run-off. Many say this year’s extreme Red Tide outbreak was made worse by the spill. As part of a cleanup plan, $100,000,000 was allotted to close the site permanently and clean it up.


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