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We may be on our way toward a solution.

Don’t look now, but we may have a solution for red tide. It’s been used in Korea and China For decades and it involves mixing clay with sea water, then spraying the mixture across the surface of the water. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been experimening with the concoction and says it seems to work. It appears to be an easy process. Clay is sprayed directly onto the surface of the water in areas that have been affected by red tide. In the portions of the bay where the treatment has been tested, it has decreased the presence of red tide every time. The process involves mixing clay with sea water and then simply spraying it on the water. The slurry carries the red tide to the ocean’s floor, where it is buried and incapable of living. As an added bonus, the nutrients that help red tide live are also carried to the floor. While the plan seems to be working well, Florida is not sitting on its butt and putting all of its faith in the plan. We are also testing about 25 other potential fixes. Considering that charter boat captains and fishermen are losing millions of dollars as the red tide continues, an answer cannot come too soon. Source:

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