The man's head plate protected him from certain death.

Sometimes a steel plate in your head is a good thing. For example, if you get attacked with an axe, your brain would be practically impervious to damage from most implements weilded in anger. Florida man has a steel head plate to thank for his survival of an axe attack by a Florida woman. Police say Casandra Brooke Hallmark of Hernando has been charged with attempted premeditated murder with a deadly weapon. She has been jailed without bond. Cops showed up on the scene after a report of a man being hit in the head with a double-sided axe. During the police interview, investigators were told by the victim that he was working on his car outside when he felt a hard thump on his head. When he turned to see what had happened, he was hit again. After the second impact, a bystander chased the attacker away. Police say the weapon, a double-headed axe, was probably taken from a display of medevial axes inside the home of the victim. Source:

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