The man ran toward his intended victim with a machete.

Florida man is a wiley critter, always thinking on his feet, planning his next evasive move. Those are obviously the traits that saved him when he was approached by an intoxicated, machete-weilding man as he worked on his riding lawnmower. The attacker now faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting an officer. The situation unfolded as a man who was mowing grass noticed that another man across the street was motioning for him to come over to him. When he did, the assailant produced a machete and swung it at the intended victim. When the man on the mower tried to get away on his lawn tractor, the ninja attempted to get on a bike and give chase. But alas, he was too drunk and immediately crashed the bicycle. When cops arrived, they found the machete attacker hiding in a nearby residence wearing nothing but his underwear. The man was uncooperative, but was arrested and charged. Source:

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