This year could be worse than average.

We saw this coming about a month ago. Algae blooms first appeared south of Tampa in May. Whenevr that happens, it almost always moves to the north over the next few months. A few weeks ago, red tide was found in small concentrations close to Sarasota and Anna Maria Island. Now, the blooms have moved to Moody Point and Cockroach Island. Symptoms from red tide generally include respiratory issues, such as eye, nose and throat irritation. People with asthma or other respiratory problems should avoid the immediate beach area until the blooms ease up. If you want to avoid the red tide all together, stay away from beaches where it has been detected and try to stay in air conditioned places. Authorities say dead fish often accompnay red tide outbreaks. They also remind everyone not to eat fish or mollusks that are from affected areas. In addition, they remind you to not let animals drink from areas with red tide symptoms. Source:

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