There’s a brand new scam that’s making it’s way through the Tampa Bay area and you need to be aware! Multiple people have reported getting a phone call from an alleged ‘police officer’ saying they have a subpoena. Many have fallen for this scam thinking it was the actual police department. These scammers will have you address and a lot of other personal information making you think that’s it real. But don’t fall for it! If you are worried, you can call the courthouse and check to see if you have a subpoena or if you missed court appearance.

Scams going around Tampa:

Another scam that’s going around right now is having a police offer call you claiming you missed federal jury duty. Good thing about this scam is you can easily Google the number to check your juror duty status. Make sure you ask several questions if someone is calling you saying this information. They might come off as knowledgeable but you can trip them up if you know what you’re talking about.

Scams in Tampa, come in various forms and target many different individuals. It is important for you to be aware and protect yourself from thieves and finances. There’s been multiple scams reported in Tampa recently including email scams, phone, home improvement, fake charity and even rental scams. The home improvement scams will be someone offering services to fix your roof, driveway, or landscaping at incredibly low prices. Usually they want payment first and then either perform subpar work or completely disappear.

Make sure you protect yourself by being cautious. Don’t be so quick to share personal information, and always research before handing over your information. Make sure it’s a legit business and charity using reputable platforms for financial transactions. Additionally, if there is any suspicious activities, call your local law enforcement to notify them of new scams in Tampa.

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