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If you haven’t heard, Florida is full! There’s been so many changes to the state it’s hard to keep up. People are moving to Florida in droves and there’s a lot of issues happening in the state that many might not be aware of. From the terrible traffic, that’s only getting worse every day, to the nonstop construction that’s never ending. You might think the warm weather feels good on your skin but wait until it’s summertime in Florida. That heat is next level and at times it can even be dangerous. Below we listed 5 reasons why you should not move to Florida.

Why You Shouldn’t Move To Florida:

When moving to the Sunshine state it’s important to remember how crazy our wildlife can be. Not only are their alligators but other dangerous wildlife hiding in the shadows. Many of these alligators are often in retention ponds and can grow up to 11-12 feet long before being removed. Let’s not forget about the disgusting mosquitos that come out of nowhere. Even when it starts to get chilly, they still exist but when the weather gets hot outside, watch out! Even if you get your house sprayed for mosquito repellent most of the time it only softens the blow. There’s no stopping all the insect and mosquito bites that will happen while enjoying the Florida weather.

Why People Move To Florida:

There’s several things we love about living in the Florida area! We’re close to some of the most famous beaches in the world and the weather is beautiful but there’s a downside to the area. Most won’t tell you what’s bad about the Tampa Bay area. From its exciting nightlife to gorgeous beaches, Tampa Bay offers the perfect balance of entertainment and natural beauty. However, like any place, there will be a few challenges that are strictly unique to life in Florida’s third-largest city. Normally, you only hear about all the great things with Tampa but you should know there’s a bad side too.

  • #1 Construction Everywhere

    There’s construction everywhere in Florida and it’s never-ending. We’re not joking! No matter what city you go to in sunshine state there’s always construction which slows everything down and makes your life hell.

    Funded By The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Sections Of The I-95 Northeast Corridor Are Reconstructed

  • #2 Mosquitos

    There’s mosquitos 24/7 even when it’s chilly outside. Of course, when it’s warmer outside they swam even harder. They’re relentless, harsh and at times make going outdoors impossible. You will 100% get bit up. If not by mosquitos, then by noseeums, flies or lovebugs (which don’t bite but are annoying).

    mosquito skin

  • #3 Heat

    You hear about how hot it is in Florida but you don’t get it under you’re here. It’s unbearably hot especially in the summer. Mix in the humidity and stepping into your car that’s been sitting outside and you might have a serious issue. It’s important to stay hydrated here because you could be at risk of heat exhaustion or a serious sunburn. SPF is life down here!

    Girl driver being hot during heat wave in car, suffering from hot weather, has problem with a non-working air conditioner, wipes sweat from her forehead with tissue. Summer, heat concept.

  • #4 Wildlife - Alligators

    Beware of the alligators and other wildlife! No seriously, if you’re not from here you really don’t understand how dangerous some of these retention ponds can be. Going for a walk with your little dog could be life changing if you get to close to the water. There’s been many instances of dogs, children and adults getting bit or eaten by these gators hiding and hungry.

    American Alligator swimming in the spring swamp in Texas

  • #5 Traffic

    With everyone moving to Florida Tampa traffic is getting awful! Our infrastructure wasn’t built for this many people and the roads are always backed up.

    Typical scene during rush hour. A traffic jam with rows of cars. Shallow depth of field.

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