Florida is known as one of the biggest areas to spot a UFO especially with several reports that have been documented over the years. The state’s warm climate and large open areas it’s perfect for skywatching to find an extra terrestrial. This often attracts both enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

These Are The Florida Cities With The Most UFO Sightings:

One of the most memorable instances occurred in Gulf Breeze back in the 1980’s. Several UFO sightings happened at the same time and it gained widespread attention. Witnesses reported seeing weird lights and a strange hover craft in the night sky. The event sparked so much public interest that it led to numerous investigations. Many people claimed to have captured photographic evidence of the unidentified flying objects.

Florida continues to be a main focus for most UFO enthusiasts with continuous reports of sightings. When people report seeing an extra terrestrial or hover craft they often describe strange lights and unusual flight patterns. Most of the occasions and encounters are mostly unexplained aerial phenomena. Many witnesses are from all over the state of Florida and share different stories but share similar experiences. The main explanation for their accounts is the overall mystery surrounding UFOs.

There’s a lot of U.S. military presence in Florida, includes several bases like Eglin Air Force Base and MacDill Air Force Base. Many people speculate about the nature of these sightings and why these bases are located in the state. Some skeptics think these bases help cover up any UFO reports. PatchProFlorida broke down which Florida cities have the most UFO and ghost sightings. Witnesses attribute military aircrafts and experimental technology that are usually being tested in the area. Even though there’s been thousands of reports over the years these sightings remains elusive. With Florida’s diverse landscapes it leaves a wide range of environments for witnesses to see strange occurrences in the sky. Whether you people in them or not UFOs in Florida continues to captivate the imaginations of residents and researchers alike.

  • #1 Miami

    UFO sightings: 434
    Ghost sightings: 6

    A digital image of Aliens in a forest.

  • #2 Orlando

    UFO sightings: 391
    Ghost sightings: 13

    Ufo in the night sky

  • #3 Jacksonville

    UFO sightings: 283
    Ghost sightings: 24

    alien ufo

  • #4 Tampa

    UFO sightings: 244
    Ghost sightings: 15

    alien UFO

  • #5 Sarasota

    UFO sightings: 136
    Ghost sightings: 14

    UFO alien

  • #6 St. Petersburg

    UFO sightings: 117
    Ghost sightings: 9

  • #7 Naples

    UFO sightings: 113
    Ghost sightings: 32

    alien UFO

  • #8 Cape Coral

    UFO sightings: 100
    Ghost sightings: 30

    alien UFO

  • #9 Pensacola

    UFO sightings: 91
    Ghost sightings: 35

    alien ufo

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