This Famous Tampa Deli Is Closing It’s Doors After 41 Years

Our hearts are broken after hearing the news about one of our favorite Tampa deli closing. Mott & Hester Deli have announced that they are closing after being in business for 41 years. It seems that the owners have made the decision to close their doors so they could retire and spend more time with their family. This was always a staple and favorite in the Tampa Bay area It's sad news to hear and they will be greatly missed. Tampa Deli Is Closing It's Doors After 41 Years: Mott & Hester first opened their doors on December 21, 1982 and were a success since day one. They provided the Tampa Bay area with delicious food for decades but are sadly shutting everything down. They offered many different favorites including their Wild Turkey sandwich, Mad Cow hoagie and homemade Mac & Cheese. After they announced their closure yesterday fans were left shocked and devastated. It seems as though the owner is retiring after being in business for such a long time. One fan wrote, "We will miss your wonderful deli! So many great memories and congratulations and enjoy your next chapter!" Although, it seems that this restaurant is closing because the owners want to retire, there has been multiple businesses closing because of rent hikes. The Hyde Park area has been hit hard by rent being raised so much many places couldn't afford it anymore. The Wine Exchange was a beloved restaurant in Hyde Park and was also forced to close because its rent went up too much. The increase was so insane that they weren’t going to make a profit and needed to close immediately. There’s been a lot of changes in the Hyde Park area over the past four years. With new high-end restaurants and businesses popping up in the area, it’s making the rent skyrocket.   [select-listicle listicle_id="513989" syndication_name="the-5-most-overrated-restaurants-in-tampa" description="yes"]

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