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A weaker cold front is moving into the Bay Area, bringing only cooler weather Wednesday in Tampa. If you have been watching the sky like some sailor, you might have seen the wall of clouds rolling in since last night. That’s early signs of a front.

You can expect light showers as they break apart and comes off the gulf, but after that, we are looking at temperatures only reaching the low 80s throughout Tampa. However, the front isn’t expected to make it further south than Tampa, so Sarasota expects some high temps.

How Cold Will It Get In Tampa Bay Tomorrow?

Brrrrrrr! Our first big blast of fall weather (some might say winter weather) is about to hit us. After Hurricane Ian, we got treated to some early season cooler temperatures. Seems like those first few cool moments don’t come until late October. But the hurricane sucked up the moisture and humidity and brought it north when it left Florida. It was a nice little parting gift after leaving so much destruction and chaos.

But tomorrow a BIG change in our weather is coming. The Tampa weather gurus all have their predictions in on how low temps might go over the next 24 hours as we say goodbye to the summer of 2022 in a big way.

  • We'll see temps in the 80s today, but not tomorrow...

  • Some might not even see 70 tomorrow!

  • Socks Warning Is Up

  • Hoodie weather?

  • And no, this is not normal for October.

  • We'll have the temps Boston had Sunday!

  • Brrrrrr...