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Everybody in the Tampa area, and now the whole country, knows about former Tampa police chief and her misuse of power. The story ended up everywhere from CNN, to the Associated Press. On Monday night, the former Tampa police chief got roasted on ‘The Daily Show’ with Trevor Noah.

The former police chief decided to play rank from the passenger seat from a golf cart. Mary O’Connor and her husband were pulled over for not having plates on a public road. You can hear her about to incriminate herself when she asks the officer “Is your body cam on?” She then goes on and flashes her top cop badge and “I’m hoping you let us go.” Which, he did. If you’d ask me, I would say the officer who let her go should face repercussions as well. Tampa Mayor Jane Castor is receiving a lot of heat, since she was the one who hired and endorsed O’Connor.

Noah was cracking some hard jokes towards the former chief. He mentioned that she did “that thing that white people do when they act like it hurts them to pull rank.” He then goes to say the police chiefs resignation is the “biggest waste of a scandal of all time.” Watch the video to catch all of Noah’s digs towards Tampa’s messy police (former) chief. P.S.- skip to the 4:50 mark.

[Source: Creative Loafing]